[C#] GlobalKeyboardEvents

This is a class that is able to handle multiple events that can be triggered with different keyboard key combination

How to use

-> Create an instance of the class in your main project

-> Use method AddEvent to assign an event to a specific keystroke

public void AddEvent(string name, Keys[] keyStroke, object instance, string method, object[] parameters) :

  • name : Any name for your event (not used anywhere as for now, the code can be enhanced to use it in the future)
  • keyStroke : an array of Keys that you want to trigger your event. The order you put the keys in the array matters.
  • instance : an instance from which a method will be called when the event triggered
  • method : the method of the instance that will be invoked when the event triggered
  • parameters : the parameters to pass to the method, pass null if not any

-> You may use the method AddEvent multiple times to add more than one events

-> Use method CaptureKeyboard to start capturing the keyboard keys

-> Use method StopCapturingKeyboard to stop it

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