Food Analysis

What is Food Analysis?

Food Analysis is an application for windows machines, used to create the perfect ratio of foods for sheep and goats, based on their needs and the requested milk production. The use of the program is very easy, you just select from a base of foods and it returns the amounts that you should give to the animals in order to have the milk production you request and keep them healthy. The calculations are made for milk with 7% fat for sheep and 4% fat for goats.

The application is currently offered only in Greek, if you are interested in a translated version of Food Analysis please contact us in [email protected].

Food Analysis - Σιτηρέσια Αιγοπροβάτων

Food Analysis Functionality :

        Quick and easy creation of food ratios for sheep and goats
        Different ratios for every milk production stage
        Ratios based on the milk production you request from the program
        Multiple ratio solutions with the same food combinations
        Alerts you when the amount of a food is too high and might cause health issues to the animal
        Automatically adds the needed vitamins for the animal
        Analyses a food ratio and it is fixing it in case it is not balanced
        Calculates the cost per animal
        Automatic updates of the statistical data the program uses to calculate the results
        Very easy to use

If you are interested in a translated version of Food Analysis please let us know by sending an email at
[email protected]