[ABAP] Abap CSV Creator

ABAP CSV Creator

A simple static class to make the creation of a csv file easy in ABAP

How to use :

To add an instruction on what should the output has (they are column instructions, so for every instruction you add a column) :

cl_save_to_csv=>add_instruction( table_reference , column_header, column_name, fixed_value )

  • table_reference : the table from which the value will be taken for the output
  • column_name : the name of the field in the table_reference table that you want to get the value for the output
  • column_header : the header of the column that will be shown on the output (optional)
  • fixed_value : set to ‘X’ if you want to have a fixed value on the column, the fixed value will be the value of column_name

To get the table with the instruction :

DATA(instruction_table) = cl_save_to_csv=>get_instruction_table( )

  • the returning value is of type ty_instruction_t which is declared in the class.

-> Set instructions from table :

cl_save_to_csv=>add_instruction_table( instruction_table )

  • set the instractions from the table instraction_table of type ty_instraction_t which is declared in the class

Clear all the instructions :

cl_save_to_csv=>clear_instructions( )

Set the seperator between the columns :

cl_save_to_csv=>set_seperator( S )

  • set the seperator to be char S. Default seperator is ‘;’

Get the output csv :

Data(lt_csv) = cl_save_to_csv=>get_output( )

  • The returning value is of type standard table of string and contains all the rows of the output csv file. You can loop into it and write all the data to an output file.

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