[C#] SnakeS

A Snake game that can be easily implemented on any C# .Net application

Installation :

Add the Block.cs, Blocks.cs, Settings.cs and Game.cs to your project. Initialize the game by creating an instance of Game class :

Game game = new Game ( BlocksNumberOnXBlocksNumberOnYRefreshRateInMsDisplayController );

  • BlocksNumberOnX = Number of blocks on X axis
  • BlocksNumberOnY = Number of blocks on Y axis
  • RefreshRateInMs = Every how many ms do you want the game to refresh
  • DisplayController = The controller on which the game will be displayed

Public Methods

  • Use the public methods MoveUp()MoveDown()MoveLeft() and MoveRight() to move the player
  • Use the public methods SpeedUp() and SpeedDown() to change the speed of the player
  • Use the public method Stop() to stop the game and dispose all game controls at any time

Change Settings.cs to change the look of the game

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